Hello fellow readers I would like to start off by telling you a little about myself. First off my name is Samantha, I am 27 years old, I have been with my fiancee Jeremy for 11 years now. We met when I was 16 and he 18, we have been together ever since. We have two beautiful boy’s, our oldest is Jeremy Jr. we call him JJ,  he is 6 years old. Our second living child is Achilles who is 1 year old. We have one angel baby that we lost in 2014 who is forever in our hearts. In our family we also have two dogs and a guinea pig, both dog’s are pit bulls and the sweetest dog’s we know. Our oldest is a female pit names Shyann, she was a rescue dog and our other is a 5 year old male named Zeus who is best friend’s with our boy’s. Our guinea pig is Spidey pig aka Mr. Guiners.

I consider myself a bit of a hippie mom, I have had an unassisted home birth, we unschool, cloth diaper, don’t vaccinate, we garden, do attachment parenting, bed-share, baby-wear, breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, eat organic, non gmo made from scratch foods and do not use pharmaceuticals. My children are my world and everything I do IS for them. Most of these subjects I will also be blogging about, sharing information and experiences . This is why I started a blog I wanted to share my personal insights on these topics, spread awareness and help other parents. I hope to share this type of lifestyle with other parents and  to educate and help those that are interested in these topics or already follow this lifestyle.

I look forward to sharing my life and experiences with you and your feed back, comments, questions are always encouraged so feel free to contact me